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2014 Forum Event 

Consisting of a range of events over a 3 day period from 20-22 October, the 2014 NSP Screen Industries Forum welcomed delegates from the US, UK and China. Focusing on the theme of Disruptive Creativity Across Borders, the event looked to understand, challenge and address some of the issues facing the global screen industry.
Day 1:
October 20th 2014 saw the introduction of the Students Creativity and Talent Showcase followed by screenings of the entries into the 2014 NSP Student Microfilm Competition. We also held a colloquium entitled 'The Screen Industries in China: Opportunities and Challenges' which saw some key figures from academia in China discuss the Microfilm phenomenon that is sweeping the country. That evening we welcomed all the entrants as well as industrey professionals to a gala dinner and awards ceremony at the University of Nottingham where winners were revealed and celebrations undertaken.
Day 2:
Day 2 saw industry professionals come together to discuss the present situation for the global screen industry, seperating into 4 cluster groups which brought together expertise, knowledge and ideas from industry, academia and government. The groups addressed 4 questions:
  • China: new models and platforms for collaborations
  • New technology: diffusion, adoption, deployment, end users/audiences
  • Education: how should we prepare the next generation of creatives and creative enterprises in the 21st century
  • New markets, established players: tax relief, industry and government policy, cooperation across boundaries.

Following this day of discussion, professionals from across Nottingham came together with delegates for a networking evening hosted by Invest in Nottingham and Confetti Media, designed to develop conversations, business contacts and relationships.

Day 3:
The final day addressed the theme of Present Challenges; Future Opportunites - Shaping the Future. This allowed for conversations to come together into opportunities for project concepts to take development of the industry forward.
Following the success of the 2014 event we are developing a bigger and better programme for 2015. This will include:
  • CPD programme - an 8 day delegate programme inviting attendance from industry professionals across the US, UK and China,
  • NIM Festival - the launch of the Nottingham International Microfilm Festival which extends the previous student competition to allow entrants from across the professional industry,
  • 2015 Screen Industry Summit and Forum - evolving from the 2014 forum, the 2015 event will address the theme of Microfilms in more detail, addressing the phenomenon, it's place in a global environment and the opportunities this presents for US, UK and China.

For further details about the programme, please check out our 2015 CPD Programme page.



Gary Rydstrom - Pixar/Lucas Film/Disney

"The Microfilm Competition at the University of Nottingham is a thrilling, motivating, and entertaining event for the school and students. There is no better way to learn than to do, and the films in competition were obviously sweated over. I appreciated hearing the unique voices of the filmmakers. The filmmakers will appreciate seeing each other's work, and watching the winning films gain a wider audience in the world. This will make future work at the school even better, and future Competitions even more impressive".

Curtis Clark - Chairman of Technical Committee, ASC

"Coming here [Nottingham] has been an epiphany...seeing this unified approach and collective enthusiasm".

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